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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wild Thang & InsuraDude Are Engaged!

Wild Thang (former MPL early literacy specialist) and InsuraDude are engaged!  I don't mean they're busy (although they probably are), or that they're talking on a British telephone (and the line is engaged), or anything like that.  No, I mean marriage-engaged.  That is truly exciting news!

(Billy Guy--Aren't I clever?)
(whose "Cauli" nickname is InsuraDude)

Check out Wild Thang's Facebook page (August 29, 2012 posting) for photos and more details.  Come to think of it, you may need to have been "friended" to see Wild Thang's Facebook page.  Try the links and see what happens.  Not my fault if it doesn't work.

Congratulations!  Just one suggestion:  Tuna-flavored wedding cake.  It would be a huge hit with moi.

When's the Big Day?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Marriage News Beat

P.S.  I'm guessing InsuraDude has already been subjected to this joke a dozen times since the big announcement last week, but "Wedding Bell Blues" is a cool song, written and previously recorded by Laura Nyro (1966) but most successfully recorded (a number one hit single) by the Fifth Dimension (1969).  Here's a video clip from the group's live television broadcast on (if memory serves) a Woody Allen TV special (1969).

P.P.S.  Need a wedding planner, Wild Thang and InsuraDude?  Well, we have a book trailer for that.

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