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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happily, No Felons, But Lots of Legged Critters

Crafty Gal and Sammy the Toucan recorded another early literacy vlog (video blog, I'm guessing), which, happily, didn't involve any felons but had lots of legged critters (Sammy notwithstanding).

I think Crafty Gal is getting quite the hang of these videos. I wonder who she will have replace Sammy when she's (Sammy's) gone? She (Sammy) and Broadway Gal are hitting the easterly trails, you remember. (Indefinite pronouns?  Where?)

Crafty Gal had lots of interesting books and crafts for younger readers. Sammy, of course, had many insightful and witty comments, but Crafty Gal had some great rejoinders. That background check comment had Sammy on the ropes for a second.  But Sammy is no comeback slouch herself.  Engaging banter, as always.

I see from the video that Crafty Gal had her charges paint some "dirt" on a picture of a hoggerpig.  Did you know why hoggerpigs cover themselves in dirt and mud?  It's to protect their delicate skin from the sun, keep cool in hot weather, and shelter against biting insects.  Hoggerpigs are actually quite clean critters. That's what Scowl-Face's father told him, and he (father) won grand champion for a prize hoggerpig at the Indiana State Fair a gazillion years ago.  Was that before horseless carriages?  Maybe not that long ago, but still.

Sammy seems to be hung-up about this whole legs business. She must have claws--how else could she hold onto the edge of the bookshelves? She's rather touchy about the subject, though, so I had best tread lightly.

What's MY favorite book about a hoggerpig?  Well, here's my favorite book trailer on the subject.  Will that work?

Dreaming Big Moiself,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Early Literacy News Beat

P.S.  You can barely see that video player embedded above, because it's showing the Beatles "white album" (1968).  George Harrison's "Piggies" is an intriguing social commentary.  The harpsichord is a nice touch.  Was Beatles' producer George Martin playing it, or was that Paul or John?  I could look it up, but it's nap time.

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