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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet the "New Wild Thang"

Meet Michelle Peltier, my Library's new early literacy associate for the MPL youth services department.

Miss Michelle comes to MPL from Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library, where she served as a librarian assistant.  Prior to that, she was banquet room manager at Chateau Thomas Winery.  She is a graduate of Indiana State University and Plainfield (Indiana) High School, and she resides in Monrovia, so she is nearly a “Mooresvillian.” (Plainfield is about seven miles north, and Monrovia about five miles west, of Mooresville.)

Miss Michelle will be undertaking all early literacy programs and initiatives at the Library.  Coming from Plainfield library, she is already well-versed in Evergreen Indiana, our online open-source integrated library system (or catalog, in the traditional librarian parlance).

Welcome, Miss Michelle!  Our staff and patrons look forward to working with you in our youth services programming.

Of course, Michelle's "Cauli name" can't be "Wild Thang" or even "new Wild Thang" (because Miss Jaymi is the one-and-only Wild Thang).  So we'll have to wait to see what "Cauli name" best fits Miss Michelle.  One good thing about my nicknames:  They can make you famous.  Or infamous.  Right, Scowl-Face?

Welcome, Miss Michelle!  Now Get Moi Some Din-Dins,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Staff News Beat

P.S.  Speaking of names, "I Got a Name" (1973) was a big single hit by Jim Croce and was the theme song to the movie The Last American Hero (1973).  It was one of the few songs that Croce recorded that he did not himself compose.  (I know I've used this song as a musical closer before, but this is a different video.  Last time, I used a live TV appearance of Croce singing the tune.)

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