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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Attack of the MEG-A-RAE!

MEG-A-RAE is the latest vlog (video blog) at my Library.  Savvy and Programma Mama chat with viewers about the readers' advisory thing.  They review new, exciting books for teens (young adults) and grown-ups ("old" adults), plus they discuss current events and how they like their tea.  It is quirky, off-beat, and informative, as you would expect from an award-winning library.

Want to see the first episode?  Sure you do.

Stay tuned for Episode Two!  Coming to a YouTube channel near you.

Any Tuna-Flavored Tea, Savvy?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Vlog News Beat

P.S.  The theme music for Meg-a-Rae was written by the Library's composer, whom I call the Music Man.  It is "The Andromeda Cometh," from the CD Andromeda (2011).  Here is the entire song for your listening pleasure.

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