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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Journey Into a Starry Night

Broadway Gal has just released a storybook entitled The Journey to Our Starry Night Mural, which she prepared to commemorate our patrons and volunteers who created this magnificent work of art.  Okay, well, Vincent van Gogh created it first, but let's not split hairs, shall we?

In our previous blog post, we saw the work during its early stages.  Want to see the completed mural?  Drop by the Library to see it in person.  Live too far away to visit?  I think we have some digitized images from Broadway Gal's pamphlet to post.  Click each image below to bigify.

But now, a word from our sponsors.

This is a children's storybook, so let's have a read.  Again, click images to bigify.

My minions had to do some quick Photoshopping for the following photos, because Scowl-Face wasn't sure whether or not we had obtained parental permissions to upload identifiable pictures of the participants.  Where faces are visible, we made some slight modifications.

Pretty fantastic interpretation of Vincent's masterpiece, don't you think?

We borrowed Vincent's face from a famous painting for our Photoshopping.  Now everybody is a famous 19th century Dutch post-Impressionist painter!

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

Great job, Broadway Gal, Wild Thang, Miss Alicia, and all the creative painters who volunteered their time and talents to this beautiful project.

We should do a promo trailer for this.  Minions, make it so.

Naturally, the storybook is available in our Evergreen Indiana online catalog, although it's a reference item, so you'd have to read it inside the Library.

You Can't Spell A-R-T with F-U-N, But It's Still Fun,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Arts & Crafts News Beat

P.S.  Junior of Junior's Farm, our special feline correspondent for arts & crafts at the Library, was taking a snooze, so I dictated this blog post for him.  That'll teach him to sleep on the job.

P.P.S.  What can you spell with A-R-T?  Well, art, obviously.  How about tar or rat?  Or even "tar rat" together?  Hey, that reminds moi of one of our book trailers.

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