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Sunday, June 24, 2012

That's One Mighty Impressive SpokesShrimp

Broadway Gal's latest report is posted to her ALA blog.  She spent a lot of time talking librarian about outcomes and statistics and measurement and stuff over which we felines, frankly, are not enthralled.  Then she posted some photos that really caught my attention.

Flat Seven & Sammy clean their plate
at P. F. Changs

Who needs dishwashers when you have Sammy the Toucan and "Flat" Cauli VII (Flat Seven) on the case?  That is about the cleanest plate I've ever seen.  Wonder what they were eating?  It would have had to have been something both a parrot and a cat would enjoy.  Hmmmmmm . . .

That's One Mighty Impressive SpokesShrimp

Broadway Gal uploaded a couple photos of her and Sammy posing with Spiderman and a huge shrimp from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.  I thought that was fictional from that Tom Hanks movie (and Winston Groom's book upon which it was based).  Definitely too large to be a swimming dinner for Flat Seven!

To see the Spiderman photo and read about our crew's adventures (and, of course, you know you want to), click here to visit Broadway Gal's ALA blog.

I Hope You Got Spidey's Pawtograph, Broadway Gal,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
ALA Conference News Beat

P.S.  See, there really is a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.  Here's an advertisement to prove it.

P.P.S.  No discussion of Forrest Gump would be complete without reference to "Weird Al" Yankovic's song, "Gump," which appeared on the CD Bad Hair Day (1996).  The song is a parody of "Lump," by The Presidents of the United States of America.  Here is the official music video.

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