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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

(Part Three) Mooresville's Victorian Christmas Celebration

There was more to see at the Victorian Christmas Celebration in downtown Mooresville, Indiana, and my minions and I were there to cover any breaking news.  Accompanying us on our adventure was our new friend from Lithuania, "Flat" Dovydas Balčiūnas, whose promo trailer you may not yet have seen, but should, by all means.

"Flat" Dovydas visits a recreation
of a Civil War army bivouac

American Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate, staged a bivouac (well, a reenactment) outside the old Carnegie building that once housed Mooresville Public Library (1916-1988).  Click here to learn more about the history of the library.

Mooresville Public Library (1916)

We have a nice postcard and flashcard of this photograph.  Click here to see them.

Just past the old Carnegie Library on West Main Street, the horse-drawn passenger cart passed by.  We would have climbed aboard for a ride, but it was full.  So we decided to visit a couple of slobberdogs we saw earlier.

"Flat" Dovydas with one of his slobberdog buddies

As we were walking toward the old Carnegie Library, we noticed a couple of slobberdogs watching the festivities through the doorway at 11 West Main Street.  "Flat" Dovydas wanted to say hello, and the slobberdogs were quite friendly.  Surprisingly, they didn't give him a big, slobbery kiss, but having the door between them probably was a factor.

11 West Main Street, Mooresville, Indiana
(as it presently appears)

This building, like all of the other historic structures in Mooresville, has a long and interesting history.  That's Scowl-Face's department, so he can tell you all about it, and plenty more to boot.

Pace Thompson's Dry Goods Store
11 West Main Street
(early 1900s)

Given the size of the crowds mulling around the downtown shops yesterday, I'd say that the Victorian Christmas Celebration was once again a resounding success.  Everybody looked like s/he was having fun.  Well, Scowl-Face was scowling, but that's just the way he looks all the time.

We were pleased that "Flat" Dovydas could accompany moi, "Flat" Cauli III, and my minions to enjoy this holiday event.  We hope you had fun, too, reading about the festivities.  Next best thing to being there, so they say (assuming "they" speak in sentence fragments).

Needing a Nap After All the Excitement,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Local Celebrations News Beat

P.S.  "Victorian" Christmas harkens to 19th century days when life took a slower pace but was considerably more challenging than today, what with no pop-top lids on canned tuna-in-oil and such inconveniences as no refrigerators or laptop computers.  But the name "Victorian" comes from Queen Victoria of Great Britain, about whom the Kinks sang ["Victoria," from the album Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) (1969)].

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