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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Latest Blogger is a Winged Dinner

Wild Thang has launched a new blog called Explore to Learn:  Early Literacy Fun.  Watch her video greeting by clicking here and then click the embedded video screen on her blog.  (Blogger won't let me embed the video in my posting.  What gives?  Just asking.)

Wild Thang's Blog Photo

What caught my feline eye in the video was her partner, Sam the Toucan. Ordinarily, I like to invite winged dinners to supper (mine, of course), but Sam is a library colleague, and I have learned from experience that it is bad for workplace morale to eat your co-workers.  Some of them are pretty gamey, anyway.  (You know who you are.)

Wild Thang's new blog promotes early literacy, which is her specialty.  There will be lots of exciting things happening on her blog, so you'd better read it regularly, if you have young humans.  Even if you don't, you should probably read it anyway.  There may be a quiz later.  These things happen, you know.

You may reach Wild Thang's blog by clicking here.  Don't click here, though.  You have to be careful about clicking hyperlinks.  You never know where you'll end up.  It could be someplace terrible.  (JUST KIDDING!)

Maybe Sam Could Stop By For a Snack (Yum, Yum),

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P.S.  Thinking about winged dinners reminded me of Broadway Gal's video when we had the chicksoons last March and April.  Here she is talking to them in their incubator.  We did a program trailer about the chicksoons, which you may enjoy.  I blogged about them, too.  Check my March and April blog archive (along the right side of your screen) to read more about them.

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  1. Explore to learn looks great fun. Love the trailer about the chicksoons!


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