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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Theme Song (WIP)

I've got a new theme song, although it's a WIP (work-in-progress).  The melody sounds something like the melody line of "Stray Cat Strut," composed by Brian Setzer, as you can see and hear from this one-page sheet music sample.  Since neither The Lady With the Red Hair nor Scowl-Face can write music (even using such powerful compositional software as Finale SongWriter 2010), I can't show you the notes on a musical staff, but T.L.W.T.R.H. sang them out to lyrics they composed, and it seemed to fit pretty nicely.  Neither was thinking of Setzer's song, but the similarities are obvious.

Here are the lyrics.  To sing along, think the main verse of "Stray Cat Strut," which isn't exactly a match, but it will have to do until The Music Man can compose some actual music for moi.  Actually, Setzer's refrain might also work well with my song's refrain, but that's not how T.L.W.T.R.H. sang it last night.  Still, it's worth considering, at least as a short-term quick-fix.

Here Comes Cauli Le Chat

(1st Verse)
Lots of blogs are full of talk
They'll bend your ears around the clock
So many words don't say a lot
Unless you know who calls the shots

Your nose for news is here
She blogs both loud and clear
Our kitty on-the-spot
Here comes [pause] Cauli Le Chat

(2nd Verse)
She digs up tuna-flavored fact
Roves 'round town and then comes back
Our four-pawed feline Ernie Pyle
A storyteller who's got style

(Refrain again)

(3rd Verse)
Your library is there for you
Reported from a cat's eye view
To satisfy your need to know
You'll find Cauli on the go

(Final Refrain, Possibly Repeated)

(Lyrics copyright © 2011 by William R. Buckley & Janet E. Buckley.  All Rights Reserved.  Reprinted by permission.)

I can't imagine copyright protection is warranted for this, but The Music Man recommends it for any original lyrical or musical composition, and he knows about such things.

If you don't get the song's reference to Ernie Pyle, the hyperlink will take you to a short biography.  Pyle was born and raised in Dana, Indiana, a town bordering Illinois along present-day U.S. Highway 36.  Read some of his World War II correspondence or his earlier travel stories.  His journalistic writing style was superbly streamlined and direct, if you like that sort of thing.

Perhaps I should wait to publish this posting until the song is completely finished, but I know my fans want to know the latest developments as soon as they're happening, and I have a responsibility to my readers.  So there.

Now if I can persuade The Music Man to apply his considerable compositional talents to create a bona fide musical score for moi.  If so, whatever he writes should be pretty spectacular.

Now I Just Need a Television Series to Go With My Theme Song,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Musical News Beat

P.S.  Let's reprise this feline video version of Brian Setzer's "Stray Cat Strut," performed by his group, The Stray Cats, on the band's debut self-titled album in the U.K. (1981) and in the U.S. on the LP Built for Speed (1982).  We first presented it in a previous posting.


  1. Fantastic lyrics for your theme tune Cauli! When u find someone to sing the words to the tune by the music man you could meow or yowl along to the beat!


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