Cauli Le Chat

Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Take the Tumble With Us

My Library is now on Tumblr.  It was bound to happen.
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Tumblr is another way you can keep up with what's happening at the Library.  Besides our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and such like, how could you not know about our wonderful programs and resources?  You'd have to live pretty far off the grid, I'd venture.  West of the Dakotas, anyhow.

I'm kidding, of course.  Some of my best friends, such as Buffalo Gal, were born in the American West.  I love mountains but not poisonous slitherdarts.  Like so:

 Beartooth Butte & Lake
Near the Wyoming/Montana Border
(Click Images to Bigify)

 A Rattling Slitherdart
(Giving This Dude a WIDE Berth, For Sure)

"S/he's more scared of you than you are of him/her," suggests Scowl-Face.  What an idiot.

Anyway, you should take a peek at our Tumblr site.  Keeping tabs on my minions was never easier.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," by Bob Nolan, was composed in the early 1930s and became famous in the Gene Autry film by the same title (1935).  Michael Nesmith covered the tune on his album (with the First National Band), Nevada Fighter (1971).

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