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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just Another Winged Dinner to Moi

Torrey the Turkey is hiding in my Library's youth services department.  But he can't hide from my sensitive sniffer.  As always, click the images to bigify.

Must be hiding in here somewhere

(Sniff!  Sniff!  Sniff!)
Now I've got the scent!

Seriously, Dude?  THIS is your hiding place?

That nameplate isn't fooling anybody

Nice shades, Torrey.  But we felines see through your disguise quite easily.  Just another winged dinner, I'll venture.

Crafty Gal has rather rudely mushed my bottom out the door!  She said that Torrey is a STUFFED turkey (aren't they all?  It's almost Thanksgiving!)  Okay, now she explained that Torrey is a plush toy (i.e., a stuffed animal).  Where's the fun in that for moi?  There's not even catnip tucked inside that bird.

Crafty Gal is now giving moi "the lecture" about how Torrey and I both "work" for the Library as spokescritters, and our rule is that staff cannot eat one another, no matter how tasty they might be.  Being a team player, I'm totally down with that.

Apparently, Torrey is part of Crafty Gal's early literacy programming.  Her preschool charges (and their caregivers) are supposed to search through MPL Youth Services to find where Torrey is hiding.  Do they win a prize if they find him?  For moi, I'd like canned tuna-in-oil, please and thanks.

Seriously, this search game is fun!  All of our young patrons should bring their caregivers in tow to our early literacy programs and join the excitement.  Maybe I'll get more tuna if patrons find Torrey.  Just saying, Crafty Gal.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  Torrey the Turkey reminded moi of Clare Torry, who may be best known for singing on Pink Floyd's "The Great Gig in the Sky" (from the LP The Dark Side of the Moon [1973]). "Love is Like a Butterfly," composed by Dolly Parton and recorded by Clare Torry, was the theme song to the British television sitcom Butterflies (1978-1983), starring Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Palmer.  Torry released the tune as a single in 1981.  Dolly Parton first recorded it in 1974 as the title track (and first single) from her album.

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