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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Self-Checkout Tutorial For DVDs & Old Barcodes

Hey, patrons!  Need help using our new self-checkout terminals to checkout DVDs and old barcoded items?  Can do.

Some items in my Library’s collections (e.g., DVDs, books, etc.) have not yet been equipped with new RFID (radio frequency identification) tags.  Other items, such as music CDs, only have barcodes.  Consequently, such items will not be automatically detected at the new self-checkout kiosks.  For these items, patrons will need to SCAN the OLD LIBRARY BARCODES, usually found (1) inside DVD cases; (2) on the inside or outside back covers of books; and (3) on the back covers of music CD cases.

The slideshow tutorial (below) explains how to open DVD cases and also how to scan library barcodes.

How to Self-Checkout DVDs & Barcoded Items from Mooresville Public Library

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  RFID systems detect radio frequencies in programmed tags that are affixed to library collection items.  That segues nicely into "The Spirit of Radio," by Rush, from the LP Permanent Waves (1980).  Frequencies, of course, bring us to . . .

P.P.S.  "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" by R.E.M., appeared on the CD Monster (1994).  Another great song for a topical musical closer.

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