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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Don't Enter the Painting! Just Saying

Oliver visits his old tutor, professor Parmitter, and discovers an 18th century painting hanging on the professor's office wall.  It portrays masked figures attending a torch-lit party around the canals of Venice.  The figures--one particularly--appear to beckon Oliver to join them.  Parmitter reveals the painting's secrets, and now Oliver must wrestle with its demons.  Some things are better left unknown; that's certainly how I'd feel if I were in Oliver's paws.

The Man in the Picture: a Ghost Story (first published in 2007), by Susan Hill, is an old fashioned horror tale that is relatively short (under 150 pages) but packs plenty of excitement nonetheless.  There is some confusion about the setting's time--due partially to the painting's sinister influences, perhaps--but, otherwise, it is a solid "light horror" story.  Not too scary, but just right for moi.

Our book trailer summarizes the plot:

MPL Book Trailer #165
The Man in the Picture: a Ghost Story, by Susan Hill

Copies of this book are available to check-out from our online Evergreen Indiana catalog, if you have an E.I. Library Card.

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Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  "Paint It, Black," by the Rolling Stones, was released as a single (1966) while also appearing on the LP Aftermath (1966).  It's not really about painting.  Sounds like it's about a dude's struggle with clinical depression.  Just saying.  It's probably about something else entirely.  Cool song, though.  Nice mystical sound.

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