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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Buffalo Gal & Drawer Dude Tie the Knot

Last Saturday, Buffalo Gal and Drawer Dude, two of my Library's former volunteers, tied the knot at Greenwood Public Library.  The MPL composer, whom I call the Music Man, scored an original wedding march especially for the ceremony.  His wife, Ms. Moonlight, was the official wedding videographer (she's a television producer).

I don't yet have Ms. Moonlight's fine video (editing takes time, you know), but we do have the video Scowl-Face shot, using my Library's digital camera and tripod.  It's a "standing shot" from the back of the GPL community rooms.  Want a look-see?

Click Arrow to Play Video

Just a few choice words for the Lady With the Red Hair:  Down in front!  For crying out loud!

I don't do crowds, so I dispatched "Flat" Cauli to interview the key players and file her report.  She had a couple photos taken with the bride, then "Flat" Cauli made a beeline for the wedding cake!  These "flat" field reporters today just don't know how to follow a news story as it unfolds.

 Click Images to Bigify

Buffalo Gal Does a Read-aloud With "Flat" Cauli

L to R:  Flower Girl, Drawer Dude (Groom), Buffalo Gal (Bride),
Mary Merry, Tough J Dude, Lady Bluegrass, and Action James
(Groomsmen & Bridesmaids)

These are, of course, their "Cauli" names, which everybody has, once I give one to them.

L to R:  Scowl-Face, the Lady With the Red Hair,
Buffalo Gal, and the Music Man

Hey, Scowl-Face.  Here's Mister Comb.  You two urgently need to be introduced.

Drawer Dude & Buffalo Gal on the Second Floor
Balcony at Greenwood Public Library

Newlyweds Crossing the Bridge
in the GPL Children's Department

Newlyweds Beneath Love's Archway

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Drawer Dude!

Greenwood Public Library was a wonderful venue for the wedding ceremony.  But you might wonder why it didn't happen at my Library, since both Drawer Dude and Buffalo Gal have volunteered for the Library with many past projects (DD, graphic art design, and BG, student tutoring programs).  Well, there's a simple explanation.  Excerpting from MPL's community room policy:

  • "The Bonita C. Marley Community Room is not for social gatherings, political rallies, religious services or personal/family events."
  • "2. Qualifying Organizations:  A local group, organization, government agency or business whose mission is primarily civically, culturally or educationally oriented and who serves the Mooresville / Brown Township community may use the Bonita C. Marley Community Room. Furthermore, the organization’s meeting purpose and objective must be in the public interest. The group must be a legal, non-profit, non-commercial, non-sectarian, and politically non-partisan organization.  Events, such as author visits, book signings, or book sales hosted by the Friends of the Mooresville Public Library or the Library are permitted."

Well, we're pleased as punch that we were invited to Buffalo Gal and Drawer Dude's wedding.  I'm expecting a piece of cake, if "Flat" Cauli didn't eat it all.  Those "flat" felines never put on the pounds, no matter how many calories they eat!  Seems unfair, somehow.

Ms. Moonlight & the Music Man
Handled the Videography & Sound Systems
at the Wedding

The Music Man covers sound for a theatrical company in Decatur, Illinois, and Ms. Moonlight handles videography (including editing and production) for a Decatur television station.  Nice to have professionals to work your wedding free.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  Our "music trailer" features "Wedding Quartet" (2012) by the Music Man.  It's a "music trailer" because there's not much video to it.  It's music.  Listen to it.  Who needs images?  Just saying.


  1. Concatulations to the newlyweds! How awesome and appropriate that they got married in a library!

  2. sum total lee total lee waaaaaaaaaay late... conga ratz two de new lee wedz...♥♥♥♥♥

    cauli...yur ree portin waz awesum ~~~~~ !!


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