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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, December 7, 2012

An Ideal Location For N'yum N'yums

Buffalo Gal and the Lady With the Red Hair suggested THE perfect location for my doughnut restaurant idea called N'yum N'yums.  As always, click the images to bigify.

Former Location of the Chez Jean Restaurant
(near Mooresville, Indiana along State Road 67)
(as it looked before the trees and structures were removed)

Buffalo Gal and the Lady With the Red Hair outlined their criteria for a successful doughnut business location:

  • It had to be convenient for commuters to drive into and exit from while heading toward Indianapolis (for work, primarily).
  • There had to be sufficient room for a building with limited indoor dining, ample parking, and a drive-through window.
The former location of the Chez Jean Restaurant would be IDEAL for our purposes!  It is on the southern side of State Road 67, so it would be easily accessible to commuting northbound traffic driving from the Mooresville area to Indianapolis.  There is plenty of space for a drive-through, parking, and a small dining-in area.  The drive-though is critical for this type of culinary enterprise.  Doughnuts are "quick grab" foods for humans routinely travelling to the big city, so fast access is essential.

We would need a sign to catch attention of people driving by.

It needs something more compelling to draw-in customers.

Perfect!  Now all we need is the actual doughnut shoppe, parking lot, drive-through window, and some shrubs and trees.  (All the trees in these photos were removed when building demolition occurred, so the area is completely bare, except for a bunch of tree stumps.)

This business idea is SO ready to fly.  If we can just find somebody to front the money, construct the facilities, hire the staff, manage the venture, and prepare and serve the food, then we will begin raking-in the dough (you knew that pun was coming, surely).  Minions, make it so.

This whole business thing is pretty easy for moi.  Is this all most chief executive officers do--tell others to perform the actual work?  If so, I've spent my entire life preparing for this gig.

This location is closer to Camby, Indiana and a major competitor, Dunkin' Donuts.  But here's the kicker:  N'yum N'yums would be two or three miles closer to Mooresville, and so morning customers northbound on S.R. 67 to Indianapolis would pass it BEFORE reaching Camby.  Since hungry humans usually stop at the first place they see that serves the food they want to eat, this would be a truly competitive site for my doughnut shoppe.

Really, folks, this is a no-brainer.  The Greater Mooresville Chamber of Commerce should sit-up and take notice, I'd venture.  I'll only charge the standard business consultant's fee for finding this perfect locale.

Investors Would Make a Fortune In N'yum N'yums--Just Saying,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Entrepreneurial News Beat

P.S.  Speaking of doughnut shoppes (or even bakeries), "I Make the Dough," by Kathleen Edwards, was released on her CD Asking For Flowers (2008).  Not the same kind of dough as goes into doughnuts, of course, but, hey, there aren't many songs out there written about the baking kind.

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