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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Royalties, Russell Stover--Just Saying

Guess whose image graced a recent Russell Stover candy promotion.

That's Moi, I'm Thinking

Sure, it's an artist's rendering instead of a photograph, and the artist got the eye color wrong (greenish gold, not orange), and, clearly, the left ear is wrong, plus there's no white on the chest.  I've heard of artistic license, but this is ridiculous.

Still, an advertising campaign is most successful when celebrity images are used for promotional purposes.  It is customary to pay for the use of one's image.  Just saying, Russell Stover.  Ordinarily, I'd ask for canned tuna-in-oil as payment, but I'm flush with tuna at the moment, so I'll take cold cash on the barrel head.  Lots of it, in nicely stacked piles.  Large denominations only, if you please.

That's a Start.  Keep It Coming, Russell Stover!

Thanks for loaning moi your box of chocolates, Lady With the Red Hair. I'd have used Scowl-Face's, but he ripped the paper off and snarfed the entire box within seconds of purchase.  Not a pretty sight, I can assure you.

The Artist Got the Pumpkin Right, Though,

Cauli Le Chat
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P.S.  Somebody's Image (that's a clever name for a pop music group) recorded a cover of "Hush," by Joe South, which was released as an Australian single (1967).  South wrote many great hits during the 1960s and early 1970s, although his "chart career" began in 1958.  Sadly, he passed away just a couple months ago.


  1. Not quite correct, Cauli. I was able to wrestle one chocolate from Scowl-face before he snarfed the final three, but at least he didn't bite into them, decide he didn't like them and put them back in the box. Nope, he was like a vacuum cleaner! Those three chocolates were gone in seconds.


  2. Cauli, have you ever heard of caricatures? That's when a cartoonist embellishes a feature and makes the rest of the subject a bit plain. Maybe a cartoonist works in the Russell Stover's marketing department?

    They would probably make a big nose on me. That's just not right. Um, nevermind...


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