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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Would Your Choice Be?

Magic  brought Leafman (easier to type that way than Leaf Man) to life for a single day.  What would he do with that precious time?  Leafman could have all types of exciting adventures, but instead he chooses to help a little girl in need.

The Adventures of Leaf Man
(a Short Fairy Tale)
by Rebecca Shelley
(MPL Book Trailer #163)

Advertised as "a short bedtime story . . . Now with color illustrations," this is an extremely short tale--25 pages in the Wonder Realms Books edition (2011)--and its target audience of grades 4-6 (ages 9-12) seems a trifle old to moi.  I'm thinking ages 4-8 would be a better fit.

You may peruse a free sample of the book in various  formats by visiting the Smashwords website.  It is also available to download to an Amazon Kindle from

Some readers who left reviews on websites such as Good Reads and Amazon were obviously not amenable to the story's uplifting message of helping others before indulging one's own personal desires.  I'm not surprised.  People today in Western societies are so narcissistic that the idea of helping others first would be anathema to their world views.  Of course, many of these negative reviewers can't spell or even create complete sentences, so their opinions carry a worth comparable to their efforts demonstrated in writing their critiques.

For moi, I pay no attention to reviewers, either amateur or professional. Felines are smart enough to decide anything for themselves.  People should be, too.  Try reading the free downloadable samples to see if the book's plot interests you or its themes resonate with you.  If not, as famous horror author Stephen King says, wish the writer and the book well and send them on their way to other readers.

I enjoyed the book.  I especially liked the child-like color illustrations, which should help young readers connect with the story.  ("That's how I draw!" I can imagine some youngster saying to her/his grown-up.)

I didn't find the book in our Evergreen Indiana catalog or in the eIndiana Digital Consortium catalog.  Hint, hint, children's library collection developers.

What Would You Do With Your Single Day?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Children's Readers' Advisory News Beat

P.S.  Two 1960s folk-rock songs talk about brown leaves amongst winter's cold.  "Hazy Shade of Winter," by Simon & Garfunkel, was recorded and first released in 1966 and, then again, on their album Bookends (1968). "California Dreamin'," by the Mamas and the Papas, was recorded and released in 1965, but it may have been written as early as 1963.  Was Paul Simon influenced by John Phillips and Michelle Phillips?  Does it matter? Weren't both songs' lyrics about living in winter in New York City? Anyway, each is a great tune that we've featured before as musical closers on this blog.

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