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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Subscribe to Crafty Gal's New Blog

Crafty Gal has created a new blog for her early literacy programs and videos.  It is called Miss Michelle @ MPL (that has a really nice ring to it), and the URL is:

Crafty Gal will be posting all of her early literacy program activities, reading recommendations, and videos to her new blog, and Scowl-Face will continue posting videos, highlights, and links on the Library website's early literacy blog.  Good cross-pollination using online social media is a marketing stalwart.  No reason to duplicate blog postings entirely, however--just the key elements, Scowl-Face.  'Nuff said.

Why a new blog, you might ask?  Crafty Gal wanted her patrons to be able to conveniently subscribe to her blog, and this required hosting on a free "outside" blog host like Blogger.  (There is no way to subscribe to blogs hosted on the Library's website.)  We aim to please our patrons and keep them informed, and so a new blog on Blogger was the best and easiest solution.

(Click Image to Bigify)

To subscribe to Crafty Gal's new blog, just type your email in the "Get Fun in Your Inbox" line and click the Submit button. A confirmation email will arrive in your email inbox (check the spam folder in case it is misdirected by your email spam filters), and you should click the hyperlink in that message to confirm your subscription. That's all there is to it!

Anyone interested in early literacy should visit Crafty Gal's new blog and subscribe straight away.  I have.  So should you.

Subscribe to My Blog While You're At It,

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P.S.  Blogs are all about words.  So is "(This Song's Just) Six Words Long," by "Weird Al" Yankovic, from his album Even Worse (1988).  It is a parody of "Got My Mind Set on You," by Rudy Clark, which was most notably recorded by George Harrison.  In this video, "Weird Al" dubs his voice over George Harrison's original music video.  It almost looks like Harrison was singing Yankovic's parody lyrics.

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