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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Southpaws Celebrate Today

All southpaws will be celebrating today (August 13), which is Left-Handers Day.  If you lead with your left, then you're entitled to some party favors.  As for moi, I'm ambidextrous.  Actually, I'm quadridextrous.

Left-handed people are notoriously creative, imaginative, artistic, and visual-oriented--so they tell moi.  As a feline, I can't actually tell much difference between left- and right-handed humans.  They're still humans, and, therefore, they lack feline intellectual capacities.  Still, they're smarter than slobberdogs.

My older minions (the over-fifties) tell moi that left-handers were often compelled in primary educational institutions to learn to write with their right hands instead of their dominant lefts.  I wonder how right-handers would have liked that treatment (in reverse)?  Seems like another case of the majority (right-handers) exercising tyranny over the minority (left-handers).

When the Lady With the Red Hair and Scowl-Face were in college together, there were huge lecture halls with stiff-backed wooden seats that had tiny writing surfaces affixed to--you guessed it--the right sides. There were a few left-sided desk/chairs in each room--roughly five percent of the total number of seats--so it was clear who was being favored.

Scowl-Face has long advocated that classrooms should be equipped with tables (at which, say, three pupils could simultaneously sit) instead of individual chair/desks, but, as usual, nobody cares what he thinks.  It would certainly place lefties and righties on an even playing field, as far as notebook writing is concerned.  (Wait--Does anyone actually use pencils/pens and paper in classrooms anymore to take notes?  Still, a table would have more room for student laptops or other electronic gizmos.)

All you right-handers out there should treat your lefty pals to some expensive din-dins!  You know what I would order, but lefties might have other ideas.

Just Don't Stick Moi With the Check,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Holiday News Beat

P.S.  The Beautiful Uglies released "Lefty's Lament" on their album, Soundtrack for an Unmade Film (2011).

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