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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Sunday, August 26, 2012

National Slobberdog Day, To Moi

Today (August 26, 2012) is National Slobberdog Day.  Okay, officially, it's National Dog Day, but anyone who knows moi knows that I call all canines slobberdogs, because, well, they do.  Slobber.

You might be surprised to learn that I am totally down with having a national celebration of slobberdogness.  Contrary to popular belief, felines and canines get along quite well.  What we cats can't tolerate is stupidity, and, although slobberdogs have that in spades, they're pretty sweet about it and, regardless, they're great protectors.

So let's celebrate today in honor of slobberdogs!  Special treats, some nice, healthy chews, extra portions at din-dins. and a romp through the local park (on a leash--better safe than sorry).

There must be a gazillion YouTube videos featuring slobberdogs.  Shall we feature one?  Can do.

Talking slobberdogs.  On command, yet.  Thankfully, we felines have much more dignity.  Still, it's pretty funny.

Happy Slobberdog Day to All My Canine Pals,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Holiday News Beat

P.S.  Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart produced the first Monkees album and wrote many of the group's memorable songs.  "Gonna Buy Me a Dog" is certainly their funniest.  It appeared on the group's self-titled debut album (1966).  Few, if any, of the Monkees' tunes captured the madcap humor of the prefab four as well as this one.  Micky Dolenz and the late Davy Jones were clearly having fun recording it.

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