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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey! They Stole MY Blog Title

These gals obviously stole MY blog title!  The evidence is crystal-clear.

The Cat's Eye View, written by Susan Davis and Debra Keller, and illustrated by Lisa Parett (Ariel Books, 2004), is a compact little hardcover pocketbook that has a felt-wire tail attached to the spine, and the cover kitty has googly eyes.  That makes it rather unique for an adult publication. It is a humorous "guide book" for novice cat cohabitants to learn, via several quizzes, with which type of feline the reading humans are sharing their households.  Feline body language is defined, and cats' sensory capacities are closely examined.  Various kitty behaviors are scrutinized to determine subtle undertones and hidden messages.  All of this is couched among clever illustrations.

My only gripe about this book is that The Cat's Eye View OBVIOUSLY is a title that belongs to moi.  Now, some of you smarty-pants, lawyer-wannabes out there will undoubtedly be quick to point out that (1) this book was published in 2004, and my blog began in December, 2010; and (2) there's no state or federal trademark registration in my name for this title.  That is an oversight for which Scowl-Face is squarely to blame.  He, of all people, knows better.

Anyway, legal rights are not that important to us felines.  What matters much more is feline territoriality.  That's MY blog title, and if I have to mark it as my territory (I think we all know where this is going), I am more than prepared to do so.  "Going" is, after all, the operative word in territorial disputes between cats.  Well, actually, "spraying" is more accurate.

I don't like to resort to such tactics, but, hey, it's important for foreign felines to know when to back off my turf.  So, Ariel Books, you've been fairly warned.  I'm drinking extra water, just in case.

Seriously, you should read this book.  It hits the mark pretty accurately for kitty behavior.  People who know anything about cats will laugh out loud. Cats will purr knowingly and approvingly.

The best humorous cat books on the market are written by Sparkle the Designer Cat.  Just saying.  Other writers' works are welcome reads, but if you want the best, then Sparkle's your author-of-choice.  Click here to read my review of one of Sparkle's books.

Those Googly Eyes Are Kinda Creepy,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Readers' Advisory News Beat

P.S.  The Rooftop Singers, a folk group from the early 1960s, recorded "Tom Cat" (1963), which was a follow-up single to the group's chart-topping hit, "Walk Right In" (1963).

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  1. That IS kind of weird that they put those wacky eyes on an adult's book about cats. I have to say, the graphic designers at my publishing house did a great job with my book. Thanks for the high praise, BTW!


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