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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quiche? Just Saying, Wild Thang & Sammy

Quiche.  That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the letter Q q, as Wild Thang (Miss Jaymi) and Sammy the Toucan did when they wrote and recorded their early literacy blog and video for this week.  Their choices were Queen and Quail, which are perfectly solid selections for this letter of the alphabet.  But quiche is much tastier, even than quail, and I'm a feline predator.  That's especially true if you're eating quiche that the Lady With the Red Hair has made.  She is a fantastic cook!

Just Saying

What about quaff?  That's a grand drinking word.  Maybe a picture would help.

Dr. Jekyll (Fredric March) prepares to transform himself
(still from the 1931 movie)

Dr. Jekyll quaffs the potion

Maybe a book trailer would help more.

To play video, you know what to do

Then again . . .

Let's watch Wild Thang and Sammy's latest alphabetical video. Apparently, Q q also stands for Quiet.

I can certainly understand why Sammy was so excited about the upcoming letter S s. Not everybody is given his/her very own letter of the alphabet. Consider, for instance, the letter C c as discussed in this early literacy blog posting from last September. An absence is glaringly apparent, I'd say.

Not that I'm upset or anything. Wild Thang will be honoring moi in her early literacy programs during the week of Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day (February 22, 2012), so I'm clearly pleased about that. Maybe "Flat" Cauli II, III, or V could appear on camera with Wild Thang and Sammy that week. (I'm really camera-shy, and anyway, I'll be outside doing the roving reporter thing.)

So we should be seeing the letter S s video (and reading their blog about it) in a couple of weeks. Till then, we've got the letter R r, which should be rewarding.

Not One to Quibble About Letters,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Early Literacy News Beat

P.S.  "Quiet," by John Mayer, has been labeled his most romantic song by the fan who posted this music video, but I guess I don't hear that.  He sounds pretty introspective to moi.  The song was the final track on his debut album, Inside Wants Out (1999).

P.P.S.  "Question," by the Moody Blues, was the leading track to the band's LP A Question of Balance (1970).  On this album, the group attempted to simplify their music so that it would be easier to play during live performances.  Their previous albums had heavily relied upon overdubbing, with the group playing as many as 30 (or more) different instruments, which proved difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce in concert without the assistance of a full orchestra.

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