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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Early Literacy Valentines, Wild Thang & Sammy

Wild Thang and Sammy the Toucan have posted their latest early literacy blog and video, both of which this week celebrate Valentine's Day.

Let moi just say how much I really appreciated Wild Thang giving a call-out to my special day next Wednesday, February 22, 2012.  That's Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day at my Library, and we will be celebrating in our early literacy reading programs by doing some super-fun activities.  "Flat" Cauli II (and possibly III) will be there.  As for moi, I'll be out-and-about gathering stories for our patrons.  That's what we feline roving reporters do!  So Sammy can relax.  Anyway, it's Valentine's Day week (that kind of makes sense), so nobody gets to eat anybody, regardless of who's the predator and who's the prey.

I should point out that I never eat my library colleagues, so Sammy is perfectly safe from moi.  Even though I'm a cat and Sammy is a bird, we don't have to do the whole predator/prey thing.  None of the "Flat" Caulis would bother Sammy, either.  They, too, are library team players.  We're perfectly happy with canned tuna-in-oil, if you please.

I can understand Sammy's trepidation, however.  He knows I sometimes call birds "winged dinners," which certainly sends a predatory signal.  Sammy is a typical flying feathered fella--he is rather high-strung, as I'm sure you've noticed--so it's only natural that he would be dubious around us felines.  But he can breathe easy.  I give my word as a library co-worker that no winged dinners will be self-served during working hours.

For Wild Thang's early literacy programs next week, the Lady With the Red Hair has promised to make something called "puppy chow," which is actually a young human snack food.  Wild Thang emailed us the recipe, and since I can't cook (and Scowl-Face is useless in a kitchen), we're asking T.L.W.T.R.H. to make it so.  She volunteers at my Library, even though she works a whole bunch at her Library.  Librarians are just such wonderfully helpful folks.

I think we should call the human "puppy chow" something more Cauli-relevant.  How about "kitty chow?"  Everything sounds better when it's Caulified.

We're hoping for some photos of next week's fun to post on upcoming blogs.  Say cheese, everybody.

I Say Tuna, Myself,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Early Literacy News Beat

P.S.  Wild Thang and Sammy posted this valentine music video on their early literacy blog for this week.  You'll enjoy it.  Actually, to fit the holiday theme, I should say you'll love it.

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