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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grateful Kitties & Slobberdogs

On Monday this week (Feb. 27), "Flat" Caulis III & V, along with my minions, drove to Martinsville, Indiana to deliver the pet food donations that Library patrons graciously provided last week for Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day (Feb. 22).  There were many happy kitties and slobberdogs, thanks to the generosity of our patrons.  But they would be much happier if they could be adopted to good families and have nice homes.  Just saying.

"Flat" Cauli III next to the Morgan County Humane Society van

"Flat" Cauli V, being even flatter than III (no cardboard backing), had to remain in the car because of the strong winds.  We didn't want V to become airborne!  Needless to say, "Flat" Cauli V was quite put-out.  But she was pleased with our mission and was glad we could deliver kitty and slobberdog food to those in need.

We may receive a few extra donations, which we will take either to MCHS or to a Mooresville charity that distributes food products to people with pets.

Thank You For Your Help, Patrons,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
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P.S.  "Lord, Help the Poor & Needy," by Cat Power (Chan Marshall), implores listeners to remember those less fortunate.  The song, which has a great blues feel, was included on the CD Jukebox (2008).  Cat Power is a cool name for an Indie rock band.

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