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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Venturing Out on Walkabout

Walk, Don't Run (1966) was a movie comedy starring Cary Grant, Samantha Eggar, and Jim Hutton.  The setting was the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.  Grant's character is an English businessman (knighted, no less) who encounters Japan's housing shortage, due in part to the Olympic games.  He answers an advertisement seeking an apartment roommate, but he discovers the apartment belongs to Samantha Eggar's character, who actually wanted a female roommate but (naturally) forgot to put that in the classified ad.  Not surprisingly, she allows Grant's character to stay, and he sublets half of his half of the apartment to Hutton's character, who is an Olympic walker (there actually is an event, called racewalking) who, for some reason, isn't staying with the other American athletes.  Romance ensues, of course, and things transpire in a predictable pattern as one would expect from a typical romantic comedy from the 1960s (or even the 1950s, for that matter).  But the movie is cute, and the acting is excellent, given the restrictions of the scripted material.  Any movie with Cary Grant is worth watching.

DVD Cover
Available on VHS in the Evergreen Indiana Online Catalog
(Available on DVD in E.I., Too)

If you have an Evergreen Indiana (E.I.) Library Card, you could check out the VHS or DVD copies, but you'd have to go to the libraries that own the materials to do so.  (Videos do not generally transit between Evergreen libraries, except upon returns.)  So, for the VHS videotape, you could visit Greenwood Public Library, which has the videotape, and check it out there.  For the DVD, you'd have to visit North Webster Community Public Library, which has the DVD, to check it out.  Someday, videos will transit between E.I. libraries, but not yet.  It's a fragility thing or a cost thing.  Something or other.

Actually, I wasn't intending to write a movie review.  Walk, Don't Run reminded me of a new program starting at my Library on March 27, 2012, for which you may now register using our online events calendar or by calling (317) 831-7323 (registration is required, as space is limited). The program is Outdoor Exercise Walking.  That's what I call it, anyway.

Donna McFarland of the Martinsville YMCA will be conducting two exercise walking sessions beginning at my Library's courtyard, which you can see pictured on my blog page somewhere.  Both sessions begin March 27.  The morning walk starts at 7:45 a.m. and runs (pardon the pun) until 8:45 a.m.  The evening walk begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m.  The morning walks will be held on every THIRD Tuesday of each month (after March 27), but the evening walks will fall (again, pardon the pun) EVERY Tuesday of the month (again, after March 27).  You should arrive early if possible to stretch and chat.  Bring your own water bottle.  Trust me, you'll be parched after two blocks.

This is a wonderful opportunity to exercise in a pleasant, low-impact activity with supportive participants and an expert in physical fitness to oversee the venture.  (Hey, that's a great segue to my musical closer!  But more on that in a minute.)  You owe it to yourselves to get some exercise, and walking is the ticket.  You probably made some New Year's resolutions to get more exercise, eat healthy, and cut back on the chocolate (just saying, Lady With the Red Hair).  Now's your chance.  Get a move on already.  Those feet won't walk themselves.

I've Got Four Paws, So I Know All About Walking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
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P.S.  The Ventures (see the segue now?) recorded an instrumental called "Walk--Don't Run" (1959), which reached #2 on Billboard's pop singles chart in 1960.  They released an updated version entitled "Walk--Don't Run '64" (1964), which plays in this high-definition video.  I'm guessing the surfing pictures are associated with The Ventures' best known hit, the theme song to the television series Hawaii Five-O (1969).

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