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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dream Big, My Porcine Pal

Dream Big, Little Pig! by Kristi Yamaguchi (illustrated by Tim Bowers), is a wonderful early readers' book that adults and young children will enjoy reading together.  I've blogged before (maybe twice) about this book, but we have an updated book trailer, so it deserves a reprise.

The book trailer was a joint enterprise between Mooresville Public Library (MPL Video Productions) and GPL (i.e., Beatrix) Butterfly Productions (Greenwood Public Library).  The video was created by the Lady With the Red Hair, and the Music Man composed the soundtrack.  Scowl-Face put the MPL logo at the beginning as a "bumper."

The book is available in our online Evergreen Indiana catalog.

Perseverance Pays,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Young Children's Readers Advisory News Beat

P.S.  Songs about perseverance abound in pop music, but I'm partial to "Get It Right Next Time," by Gerry Rafferty, from his album Night Owl (1979).  Rafferty is shown here recording the song in the studio.

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  1. My hooman says that is a good book and a good song. :)


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