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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Library Critter Wedding Invite

I received this invitation by special delivery last week.

Guess who it's from?  I'll give you a hint:  they're slobberdogs.  Here's another hint:  The Lady With the Red Hair is Head of Technical Services there.

I know the suspense if probably knotting your tummy, which is a bad thing, so I'll let the slobberdog out of the bag.  (I know the old saying involves cats and bags, but we felines prefer a different take.)

Greenwood Public Library (GPL) is having a wedding for two of their literacy slobberdogs, Scruffy and Fifi.  This is THE social event of the year in Greenwood, Indiana, so you'll want to register to ensure a spot at the big event.  Register through the GPL online calendar or call (317) 885-5035.

Although they're called "puppets" in the invitation, I suspect that this is some kind of literacy lingo.  Anyone who has read The Velveteen Rabbit knows how stuffed animals become real.

I'll be attending the wedding ceremony, although I'm reporting it, so you probably won't see me (we roving reporters keep a low profile).  Trusted minions will once again be taking photographs.  Watch for my report early next week.

Where's the Tuna-Flavored Cake?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Wedding News Beat

P.S.  Here is "I'm Getting Married in the Morning," from the German-dubbed version of the movie musical My Fair Lady (1964).  It's a hoot.

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