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Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Cleaning Crew I Won't Be Joining

I just saw this notice on the Mooresville, Indiana Parks & Recreation website:


Bring your four-footed furry friend for a swim at the [Mooresville, Indiana] Aquatic Center to end the summer swim season.  Each dog must be accompanied by an owner or adult handler.  This is for dogs only - swimming by two-footed friends is not permitted.  Proof of current rabies vaccination is required.

Small Dogs (up to 35 lbs)          September 10    11am - 12pm
Large Dogs (35 lbs and over)    September 10      1pm - 2pm
$7 per dog prior to September 10; $10 per dog at the gate

I certainly endorse the idea of slobberdogs taking a plunge, whether voluntarily or otherwise.  But there are some definite concerns for us bystanders:

  • There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing, that smells worse than wet slobberdog.
  • Can you imagine the amount of slobberdog hair that will have to be scoured from the swimming pool?  That's one cleaning crew I won't be joining.
  • What if these plunging pooches decide to leave some -- ahem! -- little presents behind in the pool?
It bears repeating--my being on the cleaning crew.  So not happening.

Since the event hasn't happened yet, we don't have any cute photos of swimming slobberdogs.  Fortunately, the Internet is full of them.

More Wet Slobberdogs Than Anyone Needs

Mommy!  Watch Me Dive!

 Synchronized Slobberdog Swimming
(NOT an Olympic Event, Thankfully)

This sounds like a fun activity for those slobberdogs whose owners can stand the stench, but it begs the question:  why no kitty dip (in the pool) as a separate year-ending event?  Well, some felines really don't like swimming, although we can, quite well, actually.  Perhaps slobberdogs are less discriminating about diving head-first into unknown waters.

Instead of a feline swim, we should just do what we're best at.

Raiding the Concession Stand!

Where's My Canned Tuna-in-Oil?
(Concession Stand Surplus?)

Of course, we could swim some laps.  But taking a plunge?  That's undignified for us felines.

Cute Swimsuit & Cap

If you're planning to attend the pooch plunge, be sure to get some nice photos for moi.  I need a good laugh.

Pushing Slobberdogs into the Drink Since Time Immemorial,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Summer Fun News Beat

P.S.  Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916) wrote The Old Swimmin'-Hole, which is worth a read.

P.P.S.  Micky Dolenz of the Monkees sings "Goin' Down" (1967), in which the narrator, who has jumped into the water, immediately regrets his move, and goes under several times but avoids drowning when he realizes he can float on his back.  Maybe not great lyrical work, but the music is fantastic, and Micky sings it for all he's worth.  The song appeared as the "B" side to the band's number one single "Daydream Believer," and the video clip was used to introduce an episode of The Monkees television program.

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