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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Are SO Not Going There!

It has been a rather hot summer in Hoosierland, as elsewhere, so far this year. This week has been plenty sweltering, especially since the air conditioning at my Library bought the farm.  We have all been trying to keep cool however we can.

But I'm drawing the line in the sand right now.  Don't even think about it.

Tomorrow (July 14) is National Nude Day.  Of course, we felines, slobberdogs, and every other of nature's critters wear our birthday suits daily, but most of us have hair, fur, plumage, or scales to cover up the naughty bits.  The way we four-footed creatures gadabout is perfectly normal and acceptable.  For humans, however, nakedness is quite repugnant to most of us more refined animals.  I'm no prude, and I'm not saying there's anything intrinsically wrong with nudity, but, for crying out loud!  Do we have to be exposed to everything?  Show some consideration, if you please.  Have you seen yourselves in a mirror lately sans apparel?  You know who you are.

(Okay, grammar police.  I know gadabout is a noun, and I used it as a verb.  Isn't it common parlance now to abusively convert nouns into verbs?)

We try to be a family-friendly blog, so we can't show any photographs celebrating National Nude Day.  Or can we?  This could get a little dicey.

A Warning Worth Heeding, If You're Easily Offended
by the All-Natural Look

If people want to celebrate their freedom of expression by vacating their clothing tomorrow, we can only hope that they will choose appropriate times and places.  My Library, by the way, is not one of them.  I have an extra lunch to keep down.

Have fun, nudists, but remember:  50+ SPF sunscreen will wash off, even through heavy perspiration.  Plus some of that nasty UV radiation sneaks around the blocking part of the lotion, particularly if you haven't spread it liberally on every square inch of skin.  Not that I've had any personal experience here, but I know some people who have.  Believe me, you don't want to know.

Why Are There Nudist Day T-Shirts For Sale?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
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P.S.  I probably will never have another opportunity to musically close my blog with a song about nudity.  So enjoy "Lady Godiva" (single release, 1966), by folk-rockers Peter and Gordon, lip-synched live on the Milton Berle Show (1967).  Milton Berle had a TV series in the mid-1960s?  What channel was that on?  Must have been a summer replacement.  (No, it wasn't; the series ran during the regular 1966-67 season on ABC.)


  1. Another great song to close this blog would have been "The Streak," by Ray Stevens (1974). Have a look (no pun intended). The single hit number one on the Billboard charts (U.S.).

  2. Great video of an old-time 45 R.P.M. single record ("The Streak," by Ray Stevens, 1974). That's how we listened to music way back in my day, youngsters.

  3. Like your amusing post! Happy Nude day! Yes felines and other furry animals do look better in their birthday suits than two legs in general!Hope u manage to keep cool in hot Moorseville. Not so hot here in UK!


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