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Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Than Summer Breezes in the Windy City

Buffalo Gal and Drawer Dude have been talking this week about taking a trip to see the many interesting museums and artsy attractions of Chicago, where, in an unrelated story, The Music Man has recently applied for employment in his area of expertise (music business).  So many of my Library's volunteers will soon be converging upon the Windy City.

What is there to see in Chicago?  Better to ask what's not to see.  Here's a short laundry list:  the Shedd Aquarium (a personal favorite, what with all those swimming dinners); the Field Museum (loaded with exhibits featuring contemporary and prehistoric critters, some of which would have you for dinner); the Art Institute of Chicago, home to the Thorne Miniature Rooms; the Museum of Science and Industry, final port of call for an actual German submarine (U-505) from World War II; the Chicago Botanic Garden (actually in Glencoe, IL), with plenty of green munchies for us felines; and so much more, there isn't room in my column for it all.

If I had to focus upon one attraction, I'd mention the Thorne Miniature Rooms, subject of a popular work of children's fiction, for which we, of course, have a book trailer, and Scowl-Face blogged about it.

If there weren't so many motor vehicles and people, I'd enjoy a road trip to Chicago.  I'll settle for some souvenirs from Shedd Aquarium, Buffalo Gal.  The little ones with the stripes taste the best look the prettiest.

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P.S.  Museums, galleries, and other educational attractions are ideal for stimulating one's imagination to mentally transport oneself to faraway times and places.  Borrowing my tag line from lyrics to "Rio," by Michael Nesmith, here is one of the first music videos from the pioneer of MTV, from his video collection Elephant Parts (1981).  The song appeared on the LP From the Radio Engine to the Photon Wing (1977).  "Rio" topped the Australian pop charts in 1977 but didn't make Billboard's Hot 100 singles charts in the U.S., which, at the time, were beginning to be flooded with disco.  If you haven't heard Nesmith's solo recordings, treat yourselves and give a listen.  He was always on the leading edge of something--country rock (in the late 1960s, as you can hear from several of his Monkees tunes); music video (late 1970s/early 1980s); use of online interactive websites as a writing and sales medium (mid-1990s); and a whole bunch more beyond the legacy of Liquid Paper, which his mother invented.  (Someday, I'll feature Peter Tork from the Monkees in a musical closer; he is a versatile musician and has much to say, intelligently and articulately.)

P.P.S.  It would be wrong to close this blog without including "Take Me Back to Chicago," by Chicago, performed live at Summit Arena, Houston, Texas (October, 1977).

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  1. Hey, Buffalo Gal appears in our book trailer to "The Sixty-Eight Rooms." Win a prize if you can guess which one she is. (Get a free book from Scowl-Face's nonfiction weeding. Sorry, he gets to choose the book. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. This offer ends when the weeding is completed, so you have a long, long time to mull it over.)


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