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Friday, July 1, 2011

Letterboxing is Better Than Litterboxing

Broadway Gal asked about some good hiding spots around downtown for the upcoming scavenger hunt.  Here's the description from my Library's online calendar.  Sorry for the small print; you could try clicking the box to bigify, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Scavenger Hunt in the Neighborhood
Event Type: Summer Reading
Date: 7/7/2011
Start Time: 10:00 AM
End Time: 2:00 PM
 Letterboxing is a fun hobby! On July 7th between 10 and 2, please come visit us at our tent near our outdoor Courtyard on the north side of the building. Pick up your Letterboxing passport and directions and collect stamps from the boxes hidden all over our neighborhood. Please bring a rubber stamp and stamp pad. We will have our scavenger hunt rain or shine.

An adult must be present in order to participate.

Registration Ends: 7/6/2011 at 12:00 AM
Presenter: Suzanne Walker
Status: Waiting List

Please Note
  • Attendee must be between the grades of K and 12.
  • Attendee MUST give 24 hour cancellation notice to allow others on the waiting list to attend.

As you might be able to see, if you have 10-power magnifying specs or, even better, Superman's microscopic vision, the MPL Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt is happening July 7, 2011, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  If you are registered for the event (and since there's a waiting list, I'm guessing that ship has sailed), go to the tent in the MPL Courtyard to pick-up your letterbox passport and directions (which include carefully described clues) how to find the items secreted around our side of town (i.e., within walking distance of my Library).  By walking distance I presume we're talking two-legged as opposed to four-legged sauntering, so these are probably in the four- to six-block range.  Easy for moi, but I walk everywhere I go and am well accustomed to long-distance walkabouts.  You may need to pace yourselves.  If you're Scowl-Face, better not try anything past the Library parking lot.  He once fell off the sidewalk (I am not kidding here) while giving a historical walking tour of downtown Mooresville.  He must have gotten lightheaded because of all the incessant chattering he was doing.

What is letterboxing?  If you've already clicked the hyperlink, you know by now; if you haven't, then you'd better hop-to.  We haven't got all day.  You can watch this handy video, too.

Naturally, I'd like to know why there are no letterboxing clues leading participants to MY local hangouts.  That's a no-brainer, Broadway Gal!  Think how much more interesting letterboxing about moi would be for everybody involved.  They could follow in my pawsteps.  That's more excitement than most people can handle, but our patrons are a hardy lot.

Well, there's always next year's scavenger hunt.  It's never too early to prepare, you know.  I've got some prime spots selected.  Mostly, they involve dumpster diving.  Wear some old clothes.

Why Not Use the Cauli Pawtograph Passport for Letterboxing?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Outdoor Adventures News Beat

P.S.  Searching for hidden treasure reminds me of the novel Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.  If you missed reading it, now is a good time, what with summer reading and all.  Give it a whirl.  Watch our book trailer to get the quick low-down.  Enjoy the great soundtrack by The Music Man.  You could even read Scowl-Face's blog about it, if your intestinal fortitude is up to the challenge.

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  1. Hi there Cauli,
    Letterboxing looks fantastic fun!Hope the event goes well on the 7th with maybe you Cauli leading the hunt!
    Great trailer and soundtrack for the Treasure Island novel :)


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