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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've Got Mail!

Although there's no movie starring moi, like the one starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (You've Got Mail, 1998), it is still mighty exciting to report that I've got mail!  Ellie and Miguel, two of my kind and loyal readers, have thoughtfully sent moi a postcard from the U.K.  That, my friends, made my day.  Do share, you say.  Glad to.

Hey, that's French on the postcard with the (naturally) beautiful black cat.  That's pretty famous poster art by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, if memory serves.  Check it out and his other poster art, too.

Follow Ellie's blog, Kitty Tracks, which chronicles the adventures of three felines, Timmy, Bea, and Buttons.  While I'm talking about other feline or library critter blogs and websites, you should follow Sparkle the Designer Cat, who is a famous published feline; Tober the Library Cat at Thorntown (Indiana) Public Library; Browser the Library Cat at Pine River (Minnesota) Public Library; and Morgan the Library Bunny at Morgan County (Indiana) Public Library.

Getting mail is, quite simply, the cat's PJs.  It is more fun than a catnip toy.  Well, that's a pretty close contest.  Better than canned tuna-in-oil?  Let me think about that one.

Thanks, Ellie and Miguel, for the terrific postcard!  If any of my other readers would like to send moi a postcard, please mail to:  Mooresville Public Library, Attn: Cauli Le Chat, 220 West Harrison Street, Mooresville, IN 46158 USA.

Now to find an extra special place to show off my postcard.  Maybe on my desk in the MPL Indiana Roving Reporter Room.  Stop by and say hello, if you're visiting my Library.  If I'm out gathering the latest headlines, leave a message with whichever of my minions is working the desk.

Why Not a Movie Called Cauli's Got Mail?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Mailbag News Beat

P.S.  I've already used the song "Please Mr. Postman" as a musical closer, so this time I'll use "The Letter" (1967), by the Boxtops.


  1. Hi Cauli,
    Glad u received the postcard! :)

  2. I get email all the time, but there is nothing like good, old-fashioned snail mail! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! It's so flattering to get a shout-out from a library cat!

  3. A big thanks too from Kitty-tracks! :)


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