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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Library Critter Passport -- Easier Download, Fewer Annoying Pop-Up Advertisements

I was getting tired of all those stupid pop-up advertisements on, which is an alternate website upon which my Library stores (primarily) MS-PowerPoint slideshows for patrons to download and view.  Enough with that nonsense, I say!  If I wanted non-stop advertising, I'd go to a movie theater.

Thanks to my feline ingenuity, I discovered another website, 4shared, upon which my Library may upload PDF and MS-Word files, at least--I just managed it, actually.

I've embedded my Library Critter Passport, about which I blogged earlier today, below (in PDF format). Click the image to begin the download sequence.  Below that is another hyperlink (textual) that should enable you to download an MS-Word version of the file.

Click Image to Begin Download Sequence of PDF Version
(Hyperlink Takes You to Our 4Shared Files)

Click Hyperlink Above to Begin Download Sequence of MS-Word Version
(Hyperlink Takes You to Our 4Shared Files)

There are still a couple of steps required to download the files, but at least you won't have all those annoying pop-up advertisements, although there are still plenty of ads visible.  That's the catch with these free online file storage websites.  But this one seems much less "in your face" with the advertising.

Pawtographically Yours,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Pawtograph Collections News Beat

P.S.  John Denver wrote the definitive autograph song.  Here is a live performance of "Autograph."  The song was originally released on the studio album, Autograph (1980).


  1. I think the passport is a GREAT idea! You library cats need to be WAY more high-profile! There was Dewey, and now there's you and Tober, and other than that, you don't hear much about the others.

  2. Like the music by John Denver. Think I'm going to check out Amazon and buy an album soon. Will be listening to Greek music for the next week as off to Kefalonia. Hope u have a great week at Mooresville :)


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