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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Knit One, Purl Two, Harley Three

by Junior, of Junior's Farm
MPL Special Feline Correspondent
Arts & Crafts News Beat

Knitting With Joyce is a program staple on Wednesday afternoons at my Library.  Since time immemorial (at least for me, since I just started as MPL Special Arts & Crafts Correspondent last month), Joyce has been offering knitting classes for beginners and more advanced knitters (knitteraries?).  The group meets in MPL Study Room A from 1:30-3:00 p.m. every Wednesday.  If you would like to learn to knit (or knit better), you should register for the classes using our online calendar or by calling (317) 831-7323.

Knitting is FUN!
(Plus You Can Create Neat Knitted Stuff)

What could you knit, you wonder?  (Go ahead; I can wait.)  Mittens? Scarves?  Those, of course, are the mundane possibilities, and, actually, they are good starting points.  But you should work at it a little and aim toward more ambitious projects, like these:

Classic Knitted Afghan

Knitted Sweater Has Impressive Slimming Effect

Knitted Purse
(For You Gals on the Go!)

Such knitting projects are, of course, designed for people patrons.  But there are MUCH more important knitting designs you could (and should) be creating.  Allow me to give a few "for instances":

Knitted Caps (très chic!)

"Use the Force, Luke!"

Slobberdogs Never Looked So Stylish

Only a Truly French Kitty Could Pull Off This Look

Why You Should Knit Afghans

Crochet Kitty Cozy

A kitty cozy is a bed exclusively for felines.  Here's the pattern for the one pictured above.  Crocheting is different than knitting, but each uses yarn.  The Lady With the Red Hair tells me that you can learn to do both methods pretty easily, as the techniques are similar, although each requires its own special, but inexpensive, tools.

You should definitely sign-up for Joyce's classes.  You people patrons have the much-desired opposable thumb, so knitting should be a snap.  Harley, the Library's "cub" reporter, would like to learn how to knit.  She really, really likes yarn.  We hope to have a video soon of Harley developing her crafting skills.

Make My Kitty Cozy Extra Soft, Please and Thank You,

Junior, of Junior's Farm
MPL Special Feline Correspondent
Arts & Crafts News Beat

P.S.  Since I'm a guy (albeit feline), I want to encourage all you human guys to explore the wonders of knitting.  This program trailer, Real Men Knit, should convince you.  By the way, there are a gazillion "how-to knit" YouTube videos, if you're interested in a visual learning approach.


  1. Did you know that some people knit with yarn made out of rabbit's fur? They are only hoping to create something as soft as me....

    I just don't want to know what they do to the bunny to get the fur.

  2. Morgan, maybe it's like that "locks for love" program in which people's hair is cut and donated to make hairpieces for persons who have lost their hair during medical treatments or diseases. Maybe the bunnies' fur is just lightly and carefully sheared. Let's hope so!


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