Cauli Le Chat

Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leppies Were Never This Far Out

Yesterday the Leprechauns packed up and left my Library, opening the door for an entirely new, and much more disquieting, group of "squatters" who have now invaded and settled down around the place.  They appear to be bizarre types of hopper-dudes.  I have never seen the likes of some of them.

One of Our Chicksoons Has Escaped the Incubator!
HELP, Broadway Gal!!

By far the most frightening is the giant winged tiny tot that surely must have escaped from the egg incubator in Broadway Gal's part of the Library.  It is huge and fluffy and yellow and much too big for me to put in a headlock.  Call me a wuss-kitty, but I'm hiding beneath this plant until it leaves the building.

A Safe Hiding Place (I Hope!)

These hopper-dudes look nothing like Morgan the MCPL Library Bunny, whom you all have met before.  Morgan is big, but she looks like a bunny should.  (Sorry, Morgan, if I called you a "he" before. Frankly, it's hard for me to tell.  People do the same thing with me.)  These hop-along critters that appeared atop bookshelves, in chairs, and against counters and walls at my Library are definitely abnormal.  I ask you, from whose nightmares did these ghastly beasties spring?

Mean-Looking Hopper Dude
(I'd Be Mean, Too, If My Head Were So Lopsided)

Glad to See People Dress Up Other Animals
in Ridiculous Clothing

I Bet This Guy Hears Everything
Going on at the Library
(Gets Good TV Reception, However)

Check out who (or what) replaced Leppy in the chair by the main entrance.  That's a people-sized . . . ???

Looking Pretty Relaxed (Like Leppy),
if You Catch My Drift (Again)

What are these hopper-dudes up to?  Why have they invaded my turf?  What is with their weird outfits?  A roving reporter wants answers!

Standing by the Item Return Slots at Circulation;
I Won't Be Returning Any Books or Videos
Anytime Soon, You Betcha

Even our own "dead poets' society" has been afflicted with this sudden absence of fashion sense.

Willie and Hank, Those Are Fashion Faux Pas

Until these hopper-dudes make for the sunset or the hills, whichever are closer, I'll be hanging out in the MPL Children's Outdoor Garden, about which I've previously blogged on several occasions.

At Least Morgan is a Friendly Hopper-Dude,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Leporid News Beat

P.S.  Allow me to reprise one of our hopper-dude book trailers from one of Scowl-Face's favorite books.


  1. Hi Cauli, Yes I can understand why u might want to hang out else where for a while, with strange dressed up rabbits about!!

  2. There is only room at this library for one bunny....


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