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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whose Photo is First? La Mienne, Naturellement

When you visit my library's home page, you will undoubtedly notice an icon bar (not unlike a salad bar, without the tomatoes, ptooie!) in the upper middle of the web page.  (Okay, there are no lettuce, radishes, or dressings either.)  The icon bar looks like this (click it to see if it makes the picture larger; not my fault if it doesn't):

(Well, no, there are no croutons, either.  All right, it's nothing like a salad bar. But I'm hungry!)  Ever wonder what all those icons are for?  Me, neither. (Ha! Bet you didn't expect me to say that.)  Well, you really ought to be interested, since these icons link you to the greatest things since toasted winged dinners. Apart from the MPL web site, they represent the MPL Online Universe (like the Marvel Universe without the spandex).  Let's review their functions.  There will be a quiz at the end.

Starting from left to right, unless you're reading Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu, or some other Indo-Iranian languages.  (Siamese kitties, incidentally, also read from right to left. We're all different, and yet we're still all cats. Makes you think, doesn't it?):

  • Facebook icon:  This will take you to the login page for Facebook.  (Eye roll.)  To save time, I'll give you the library's FB account URL. (They won't let me have my own FB account, because it would be too popular and turn Scowl-Face into an even bigger sourpuss than he already is).
  • YouTube icon:  Did you know the library has 139 videos uploaded to YouTube?  If you visit the MPL YouTube Channel, you may watch them, but, sadly and inexcusably, none will feature moi.  Sniff.  So much talent wasting away.
  • SoundCloud icon:  Now this one is way cool.  If you like the soundtrack music the library uses in its videos, then you'll love this web site, which features all 24 tunes on the CD Through Abstract Eyes, by The Music Man, who is the library's volunteer composer. (I think he would accept tips; put bills and large coins here in my hat, if you please.)
  • icon:  Scowl-Face used to print reams of MPL Indiana Room handouts; he was responsible for the devastation of entire old growth Romanian forests.  Now he has them all online, which may be viewed free-of-charge.  (The copyrights probably mean you can't download them, but try it, anyway.)
  • Evergreen Indiana icon:  This links you to the Evergreen Indiana map, which displays all the consortium libraries.  Find an Evergreen Library near you or your travel plans.
  • OverDrive icon:  MPL is a member of the eIndiana Digital Consortium.  Want to download a digital library book to your Nook or Newt or whatever thingy?  This is the place.
  • MY BLOG icon.  Yep.  My blog.  Follow it.
  • Broadway Gal's Blog icon.  Broadway Gal runs MPL Youth Services.  She sings, she dances, she writes and directs, plays guitar, does librarian stuff.  Plus she writes a bunch of blogs.  Her pinky toe has more talent than most people put together!
  • Programma Mama Blog icon:  Looking for a good book to read, grown-ups?  How 'bout a graphic novel?  Programma Mama (say it real fast; it's fun!) will steer you right.  Or left.  Or straight ahead.  Hey, wherever you want to go, pal.  The meter's running.
  • Anime/Manga Gal Blog icon:  Anime/Manga Gal, our Technical Services librarian, can give you the skinny on these.  She knows her stuff, too.  She's quite the writer, so confidential sources tell me.
  • Scowl-Face's Blog icon:  Hot air.  Blowing your way.  'Nuff said.
  • Indiana Room Blog icon:  More hot air, but historical and more interesting.  Still blowing your way.  Better batten down the hatches, sailor.
You simply would never forgive yourself if you didn't click all of these icons on the library's home page and explore the wonders within.  The insights are outta sight!  (I was a '60's hippie feline chick in my fourth of nine lives.) Grazin' in the grass is a gas; baby, can you dig it?  (Apologies to the Friends of Distinction.  That is one cool song.)

One Groovy Cat,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Haight-Ashbury News Beat


  1. I am SO excited to be Broadway Gal! If only I had a crown. :)

  2. Broadway Gal,

    Ask Boss Lady. She should spring for a crown, for sure.


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